Media Statement

Update NDM-1 (Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 11:00)

A fourth patient with confirmed NDM-1, who was last week still treated in isolation in Life The Glynnwood’s high care unit, passed away on Saturday afternoon, 29 October. It is important to note that NDM-1 bacteria were not the primary cause of death. The patient was admitted to the hospital with several serious underlying medical conditions that were completely unrelated to the NDM-1 bacteria.

The current status of patients with NDM-1 is as follows:
Of the 10 patients with confirmed NDM-1 who were treated at Life The Glynnwood, four have died, four have been discharged, and two are still in hospital. Of the two still in hospital, one is still being treated in ICU. The other patient’s condition has improved to the extent that intensive care is no longer required. The two patients who are still in hospital are being treated in isolation where strict infection prevention precautions are being observed.

Life The Glynnwood is continuing screening high risk patients for NDM-1 as a pro-active, precautionary measure. After the nine patients identified in the initial outbreak cluster, the tenth patient was identified with NDM-1 bacteria on admission to the high care unit on the 21st of October as a result of the proactive precautionary screening of high risk patients by the hospital. No new cases have since been identified. Life The Glynnwood was commended by the Department of Health for identifying the NDM-1 strain promptly and implementing effective interventions to respond to the outbreak and prevent its spread.