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Quality management system

Life Healthcare is the only organisation in South Africa to have achieved a multi-site ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO 9001 sets out specific requirements for organisations to meet, in order to manage quality and customer needs effectively. In the 6 years since our original Group certification, we have successfully met the criteria of yearly surveillance audits conducted by our external certification agent.

Life Healthcare’s quality management system is based on a factual approach to quality improvement through consistent monitoring, management, measurement and reporting. We have embraced transparency in quality in line with the trend in the global health industry, where providers increasingly use process and outcome data to review and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Common systems are entrenched across the Group, and have resulted in management and leadership being empowered, as well as teams at all organisational levels, to measure their performance against individual goals of the hospital and against other Group hospitals.

Customer satisfaction

Patient perceptions of the quality of hospital care are increasingly recognised as being critical to elevating our care standards. Life Healthcare uses three measures for patients’ perceptions of the quality of our hospital care:

  • Patient satisfaction score – online electronic patient satisfaction measuring patients’ overall satisfaction with the experience during their stay.
  • Net promoter score – a patient loyalty measure adopted from international patient loyalty measurement tools.
  • Comment cards handed to patients for any written comments they may have on the quality of the experience during their stay.

Further satisfaction measures implemented at hospital level include:

  • Post-discharge telephonic interviews.
  • Doctor satisfaction surveys.