Life Employee Health Solutions

Life Employee Health Solutions (Life EHS) makes a meaningful, measurable difference. We understand that it is a simple business truth that your company’s most valuable assets walk out of your building every evening. Buildings and machinery do not make companies, people do. So, it simply makes good business sense to look after those people. When your people are healthy, your company is healthy.

Occupational health and employee wellness 

Life EHS, delivered by Careways and Life Occupational Health, offers you a uniquely integrated approach that can both save your company money and actually increase productivity. With Occupational Health and Safety and Employee Wellness programmes, you will have at your disposal the means and resources to reduce your exposure to workplace injuries and to increase the output of your workforce in a measurable way.

My Wellness Compass

Through My Wellness Compass, a unique digital platform, your employees will have access to tailored health and wellness content that addresses their physical health, as well as their financial and workplace well-being, based on their unique profiles and needs. 

It is the best of both worlds managed and controlled by one provider. And for you that means it is simply a more cost-effective solution for employee well-being.

Find out what Life EHS offers.