Investor Relations: A Closer Look | Life Healthcare

Investor relations: a closer look

Our vision at Life Healthcare Group is to be a market-leading, international, diversified healthcare provider. Our four strategic objectives are:

  1. Growth
    Grow our South African business, establish a sizeable international business, and diversify our sources of revenue.
  2. Efficiency
    Deliver cost-effective care by means of the efficient, optimal utilisation of resources and processes.
  3. Quality
    Deliver market-leading quality care.
  4. Sustainability
    Effectively engage with our stakeholders to ensure our long-term sustainability.

A strong team of directors and executive management supports our Group, and together we are committed to fulfilling our mission: to improve the lives of people by means of the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care.

Our directors and senior management
Meet the directors, group executive management and South African executive management of the Life Healthcare Group.

Calendar of finance events:

  • Year-end: 30 September
  • Year-end results release: mid-November
  • Year-end dividend payment: December
  • Interim results release: end May
  • Interim dividend payment: June